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Despite the UN and UNICEF goals articulated in 1978 of “Health for All by 2000”, India and many other developing countries have yet to see this goal become a reality. Arogya has focused its work on public health since its inception in 1995 and works extensively on the dual issues of empowering people to use available facilities and of strengthening the public health care system so that it is accessible and affordable to the poor. Ill-health can not only cause premature mortality, partial or complete immobility, and physical discomfort, but can also be an economic drain to individuals, family members, and friends who tend to the diseased person. The cumulative effect of high levels of premature mortality and morbidity negatively impacts the over all productivity of a nation. Due to lack of nutritious food, unhygienic conditions, and lack of existing infrastructure, the rural poor are especially in need of health care services. In addition, women, children and adolescents are particularly susceptible to illness and have specific health needs.
Main Activities in Health:
Community empowerment for better health and health security
Empowerment of children and adolescents for better health
State level campaign and networking for the Right to Health Care.
State level advocacy program for creation and subsequent implementation of state health policy
State level advocacy program against coercive population control policies
Community AIDS Awareness Program
Training for government health care providers on community health issues and epidemiological skills enhancement
Capacity building program for NGO workers



Arogya Conducting a Health Checkup Camp For Tribals of Betul District Located In Madhya Pradesh India.
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